Animal Rescue and Transport

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At the Lee County Humane Society, our number one goal is to ensure that as many animals as possible find safe, loving forever homes.

However, last year 3000 animals walked in the doors of our shelter, and there simply aren’t enough potential adopters in East Alabama to provide new homes for them all. So, to make sure that all of our furry friends find their forever families LCHS partners with rescue groups around the country. In 2017, 300 dogs from our shelter went to rescue groups across the country, traveling as far as Chicago and upstate New York, to be adopted. We’re extremely grateful for all of our rescue partners. They allow us to save more animals!

Not only do they save the lives of the specific animals they help us rehome, but they also help us make more space in the shelter, so we can take in more animals. They also allow us to save animals that we might not have been able to in the past. At LCHS we often lack the resources to be able to work through behavioral issues and some medical issues, but rescue groups ensure that their animals issues are addressed prior to adoption. Our rescue partnerships also give us the opportunity to network with other organizations across the US and make connections with other shelters/rescue groups. These partners have frequently offered us wise advice and given us ideas of what has, and hasn’t worked for their groups, giving us great guidance when we at LCHS have decisions to make on a variety of topics.

However, to partner with these rescue groups, we have have to help get our animals to the rescue group, no matter where in the country they are. In the past LCHS has partnered with a number of transport groups who help drive our animals all over the country, sometimes one short leg at a time. This year we’ve found ourselves in a position where we need to get some of our animals to meet a transport in Kentucky on a monthly basis, so we’ve started driving them ourselves. And while we’re glad that these pets are on their way, it takes a lot of gas! Fortunately, we’ve found two wonderful local businesses who have offered to help sponsor our rescue runs for the rest of the year and offset the cost of all that fuel. John Killmaster of Killmaster State Farm quickly stepped up to sponsor us the first three months of the year, and Michelle Crum and Catherine Lowder of the LowderCrum Team at Prestige Properties offered to cover the last nine months. We’re so grateful for their help. Without them there’s no way that LCHS could have afforded to get our animals to the next leg of their journey to their new lives. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!!! Weekly wish: Consider making a donation to our Foster/Transport fund at or by mailing a donation to the shelter at 1140 Ware Drive, Auburn, AL 36832