Why Should I Help?

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The Lee County Humane Society is relying on donations to help our animals.

One by one, you are helping us buy medicine, food and supplies for homeless animals. Any amount of donation will help us continue our services.
We hear sometimes, “This doesn’t affect me, so why should I help?”

Good question. The LCHS affects lives in the community in many ways you might not realize.

We train pet owners as thoroughly as we can so that when an animal is adopted, we hopefully won’t see the animal back in our shelter any time soon.

We microchip so that animals who are lost can be found.

We help rescue animals from unfortunate living situations and attempt to rehome them. These animals after require fostering and people-training in order to be adoptable.

We help with spay and neuter education so that those pesky wandering cats in your neighborhood won’t keep producing more cats. And more cats.

We work with the municipal governments when needed to speak on behalf of animal welfare and needs in the community.

We also recognize the amazing benefits animals can provide to owners and in the community. From stress reduction to physical well-being, we know that animal can be helpful in many ways to pet owners. You can read to a lap cat or jog a dog to help your mind and body. We have “jog a dog” opportunities posted on our Facebook and website, and the program has been incredibly successful for humans and the dogs!

We want to do more in all of these areas, but right now we are struggling to maintain our budget and have success with the animals we do have. The amount of animals we intake each week is sometimes unpredictable, and that is why we need your help.

We have our biggest fundraiser coming up at the end of the month called “No More Wasted Lives,” and the name of the event is also our goal for our community. Again, we need your help.

We want to mention huge Thank You to all of our supporters who have already pledged to help us each month. We can’t thank you enough for the direct line of help you are providing. Our cats and dogs don’t ever write “Thank You” notes, despite the many times we ask them to do so. If you want to help, you can go to our website or drop off monetary donations at the shelter location. Thank you for helping us help animals.