LCHS Spotlight:  Jackie Moffitt

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Column by Mary Wynne Kling, Outreach and Development Coordinator, Lee County Humane society.

Volunteers are the backbone of nonprofit groups like the Lee County Humane Society.
They serve in many varied ways at LCHS, not only at the shelter itself, but helping with adoption and outreach events in our community, transporting animals, and many other roles. Making sure LCHS has volunteers for all of those needs is no small job, fortunately we have Jackie Moffitt, LCHS’s Volunteer Coordinator to keep them all organized.

Mary Wynne: What motivated you to become part of the LCHS?
Jackie Moffitt: I have always loved animals of all sizes and taken in strays since I was a little girl.  Once I retired from State Department of Human Resources, I knew I was going to volunteer at the shelter.  

MW: How long have you been at LCHS? 
JM:I started as a volunteer in June 2016.  I became the Volunteer Coordinator May 1st. 

MW: What specific services do you provide for the shelter? 
JM: I coordinate volunteer efforts for shelter needs, arrange rescue transport drivers as well as arrange volunteer staffing for shelter events.

MW: Which one service that you think is most useful that YOU do?
JM: Probably securing drivers for the rescue transports  to ensure we are able to get as many of our shelter dogs as possible placed in adoptive homes throughout the nation.  

MW: What would you want to tell the community about the LCHS that hasn’t been said before – or bears repeating?
JM: This staff is simply the hardest working and most dedicated group of people that I have EVER had the privilege to work with.  The hours are long and the work is both physically AND emotionally demanding, yet they continue on each and every day to care for stray animals they encounter on a daily basis.

MW: What is the most challenging portion of your job?
JM: Not adopting EVERY sweet animal I get attached to while I’m at work. 

MW: What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?
JM: Getting to share the knowledge of the personalities and behaviors I have gained from loving on our sweet animals each day with a potential adoptive family seeing them for the first time.  

MW: What can the public do to help you, and LCHS?
JM: VOLUNTEER your time, your energy and your affection to our shelter animals who are so in need of a loving and gentle touch.  

Weekly Wish: We are in need of volunteers to help with monthly adoption events in Montgomery. If you are interested please contact Jackie at or by calling 334-821-3222