Pet Help for the Fourth of July

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Many people enjoy the booming sounds and flashing lights of fireworks, but they can be terrifying and overwhelming for pets, and possibly hazardous.

On the Fourth of July, so many pets are frightened and try to escape the sights and sounds that every year the Lee County Humane Society notices a sharp uptick of lost animals being brought into the shelter.

LCHS suggests these tips for keeping your furry friends safe and happy during the holiday.

Keep your pet away from fireworks
Pets are more sensitive to loud noises, flashing lights and strong smells, so on the Fourth of July it’s best to leave pets safely indoors, preferably with a radio or TV turned on to hide jarring noises.

Even pets who are usually kept outdoors should be brought inside. And if you are going to an Independence Day event and cannot leave your pet unattended at home, keep it leashed and under your direct control.

Protect your pet from the heat
High temperatures put your pet at risk of heat stroke which can become deadly quickly. Keep an eye on your pets and get them proper veterinary care immediately if you see any signs of heatstroke.

Never leave your pet in a parked car, even if the day doesn’t seem that warm. Even when the temperature outside is 72 degrees, the temperature inside a car can rocket to a fatal 116 degrees in less than an hour.

Use a collar and I.D. tag
All pets, even those kept indoors full-time, should always wear collars with ID tags. Indoor-only pets can become so frightened during fireworks displays that they may take desperate measures to escape the noise, including breaking through window or door screens. It’s also a good idea to have your pet microchipped. Both of these measures will help shelter staff get your pet back to you as quickly as possible, if they do happen to become lost.

If your pet does go missing
If your pet does become lost, contact the Lee County Humane Society at 334-821-3222 immediately. Be able to provide an accurate description of your pet, a general idea of where they were before they were lost, and photographs of them so that we can ensure you are claiming your pet.

Weekly Wish: Please consider becoming a LCHS foster family. Fostering is a great way to help ensure that every animal who comes through our doors gets a second chance at finding a forever family.  We especially need fosters who could take in kittens, this time of year. If interested please email or call 334-821-3222