Thanksgiving at LCHS

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by Mary Wynne Kling Outreach and Development Coordinator, LCHS

As we at Lee County Humane Society prepare for the Thanksgiving Holiday, and the kick off for our No More Wasted Lives Campaign on Giving Tuesday, we are reminded how thankful we are for the support of our community. Without the help of our donors, volunteers, foster families, and all those who help support us, there is no way we could successfully care for all of the precious animals who walk in our doors every day. Thank You!!!

As you celebrate Thanksgiving, don’t forget your canine and feline friends! Give thanks for them by making sure they’re safe. It’s all too easy for dinner guests to accidentally leave a door open and allow an escape. And your uncle’s goodhearted desire to slip a few leftovers to your dog under the table can actually be dangerous. Whether your family is traveling or staying home, you can keep your pet safe and happy by thinking about their well-being ahead of time.
If your pet is celebrating with you at home, please provide your pet with a safe and quiet, out-of-the-way space during holiday parties. Some pets may enjoy socializing opportunities, but the excitement may overwhelm others. Having an area where your pet can be at peace, surrounded by their favorite toys and treats, will keep everyone happy.
As you settle down for your holiday feast avoid the temptation to give your pets table scraps, especially bones. Bones easily splinter and can cause serious and expensive health problems. Many of our holiday favorites including onions, grapes and raisins are toxic to pets, especially dogs, so make sure guests are warned not to give in to puppy eyes, and keep their scraps to themselves. However, a few small boneless pieces of cooked turkey, a taste of mashed potato or even a lick of sweet potato shouldn’t pose a problem. 

If you are planning to bring your pet along to visit friends and relatives during the holidays, make sure you plan ahead. Your pet might be happier at home with a reputable pet sitter instead. When traveling with your pet, attach tags with contact information for your mobile phone as well as a phone number for the place you’re staying. (Collars and tags are always essential for dogs and cats whether at home or traveling.)

Weekly Wish: Please consider sharing your holiday with a foster friend from our shelter. No one should spend the holidays alone, and a few days in a loving home would make a world of difference to the animals at LCHS. It gives the animals a break from all the other animals in the shelter, and gives our staff valuable insight about these pets’ behavior in a home. Fosters can take home an adult pet from Wednesday the 22nd until Sunday the 26th (Thanksgiving weekend) to give them a place to enjoy the holidays! Even Wednesday to Friday will work; we just want every animal in a home for Thanksgiving Day. For more information please call the shelter at 334-821-3222 or email our foster coordinator at