Alumni Success Stories


adopted by the Doss family

My husband, Alex, and I weren’t looking to adopt a second dog. We were six months away from welcoming a baby, but when we saw Heidi’s photo on the Lee County Humane Society Facebook page, something told us that she would make a great addition to our family and a sweet sister for our dog Molly, who I adopted several years before.

We went to the shelter on a Sunday, put Heidi on a leash and she eagerly jumped into the back seat of the car. When she and Molly first met, they were instant friends (even though Molly did show a little jealousy for a couple of weeks). We could tell that Heidi had never had dog toys or a soft, plush dog bed before, because she’d walk around the bed and ignored the toys, but after some coaxing, she learned the joys of dismembering a stuffed cow and taking long naps on her personalized Orvis bed.

Heidi had separation anxiety for a month after we brought her home, and would bark and howl whenever we left the house. She showed some destructive behavior with our bedspread, but after a little training and a lot of love, she learned that when we left, we’d always come back. She settled down, and can usually be found sunning herself in the back yard when we come home. She learned to use the dog door and always shows her funny, loving personality.

Several people thought we were crazy for not only adopting a dog, but a Pit Bull, with a baby on the way, but Heidi loves her little brother and is very protective of him. She lets him pet her and sits outside of his bedroom door while he sleeps if he has a cough. She’s sweet, gentle and the absolute opposite of the stereotype of a Pit Bull. Heidi has become part of the family, and we’re so thankful to the Lee County Humane Society for introducing us!

-Katy Harper Doss


adopted by Joshua Rosenblum

Enzo came to Lee County Humane Society when he was surrendered by his owner in March of this year. She could no longer manage the financial responsibility of caring for this nine year old cat who she adopted when he was only one year old.

Adopting a pet is big commitment. A well-cared for cat may easily live to be 12, 15, or even 20 years old. Whenever we make the decision to adopt we should be prepared to offer our new pet significant time and attention. In addition, as our pets age, the need for veterinary care increases.

Unfortunately, in spite of our best planning some will find themselves unable to keep these commitments over the long term. This is where Lee County Humane Society often comes into the picture.

We work with owners to see if we can help them troubleshoot the issues they are encountering as most would prefer to keep their pets. Where this fails we give them options for rehoming their pet personally. Often a friend or family member can take the pet allowing the original owner to maintain a relationship. When all else fails we ask owners to work with us by timing the intake and providing information that will help us achieve the best possible outcome for their pet.

We knew Enzo was special right from the beginning. He is a big cat and didn’t care for his small cage in the shelter. One of our staff members, sensing his unique personality, gave him an opportunity to hang out with her at the front desk. This is risky with cats as they could bolt out the front door. But Enzo certainly wasn’t selling himself from the vantage point of a cage so we thought we’d give it a try.

Enzo was an immediate hit with staff members and visitors to Lee County Humane Society. Once we sprung him from confinement he was able to present his true personality: confident, intelligent, and friendly. Not surprisingly, he was soon adopted.

Joshua Rosenblum is a cat person through and through. He already had a seven year old cat, Mr. Kitty Kitty, who moved in on a cold night five years ago and never left. A friend texted a picture of Enzo to Joshua and the connection was immediate. Joshua says that adopting Enzo this past May was the best thing he has ever done. Enzo is settling in nicely. When he wants a fresh drink of water he goes to the faucet in the bathtub and sits under it until Joshua turns on the water.

We never know where our new best friends are going to come from but we know them when we meet them. Enzo is a very lucky cat to have been found by Joshua. But if you ask Joshua, he will say he is the lucky one.